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Mitigate risk


Meet federal requirements


Change staff behavior

Healthcare Compliance Training is mandatory.
An outdated learning experience is not.

Let's face it, most compliance training plans are outdated, disengaging, and non-productive. We're here to change that.

HealthStream's ComplyQ provides a modern, adaptive approach to compliance training that accelerates time to competency while reducing administrative burden. Our solution focuses on improving the learner's experience by leveraging the latest in educational science with adaptive micro-learning content, videos, infographics, and more. Our pre-assessments can reduce seat time by giving credit for existing knowledge and focusing training on what the learner needs the most. Let's destigmatize compliance training together.

Leverage HealthStream's Compliance Training to:

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Reduce non-productive training time with adaptive learning

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Provide engaging and interactive content to change staff behavior

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Create a culture of compliance & ethics while meeting federal requirements


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Personalize learning

  • Individualized to recognize unique employee learning needs
  • Award credit for existing knowledge
  • Identify learning opportunities and knowledge gaps to deliver dynamic training

Be confident in compliance

  • Ensure organizational training requirements are met
  • Support training for confident care
  • Improve time to competency for cost reductions and risk mitigation

Improve staff engagement & satisfaction

  • Efficiently use organizational resources
  • Optimized micro-learning for mobile access
  • Maximize learning retention through a modern and engaging learning

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An innovative and fresh new take on mandatory education. HealthStream has done an excellent job integrating both adult learning and generational preferences, to create a dynamic, intuitive, and interactive experience for the learner.

Courtney A. Cook, MSN-Ed, RN

Corporate Director, McLaren University

McLaren Health Care

As a healthcare leader, are you…

  • Providing innovative, comprehensive, and engaging training?
  • Identifying opportunities for improvement?
  • Interested in reducing non-productive training time?

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