Leverage Accurate Data Dark_LB

Leverage your existing learning data

Quality Care Dark_C

Identify development opportunities

confidence Dark_P

Quantify the true cost of deploying education programs based on time spent in training

Healthcare leaders can leverage learning analytics to:

Save Time and Money_P

Support retention and Learning Initiative decisions

Evaluate program_G

Integrate with third party content and HealthStream ecosystem application

Use Data to Make Strategic Decisions_LB

Customize information based on role, job, or department



Healthcare-specific learning activities completed in 2019


Healthcare employees learning in HealthStream solutions


Healthcare organizations’ learning and outcome data leveraged

As a healthcare leader, are you:

  • Struggling to prove ROI of your learning initiatives?
  • Frustrated about how to properly execute and scale a learning strategy?
  • Looking for more ways to understand the effectiveness of your learning initiatives? 
  • Needing insight into learning data?
  • Feeling ill-equipped to make strategic decisions for your organization?

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