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Employee Retention

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Compliance Tracking

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Employee Engagement

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Data Governance


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Reduce Data Wrangling

Add and remove fields and filters from all your reports to create purpose-built insights

Powerful Performance

Harness the horsepower of Insights with exceptionally fast performance

Data Trust

Insights relies on a single-source-of-truth database so you can be confident in the data we provide

Simplified Data Transfer

Scheduled reports to extract and integrate data using SFTP

Access Historial Reports

Store reports up to 1 year for point-in-time, historical reporting

Decision-Ready Analystics

Understand utilization and distribution of education across your organization

HealthStream Insights

Streamline your data analytics workflow with Insights, eliminating the hassles of data gathering, reports timing out, toll-switching, and spreadsheet sharing once and for all.

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As a healthcare leader, are you:

  • Feeling ill-equipped to make strategic decisions for your organization?
  • Struggling to prove ROI of your learning initiatives?
  • Frustrated about how to properly execute and scale a learning strategy?
  • Seeking ways to cut costs -- but not effectiveness-- on learning tools?
  • Dedicated to increasing engagement and retention of top performers?

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